The Rice/UH Greater Houston QuarkNet Center

The Physics Departments of Rice University and University of Houston have joined forces more than 15 years ago to bring the QuarkNet Program to the Greater Houston high schools.


QuarkNet is a program sponsored by the DOE Office of Science and NSF and pairs high school science teachers with active researchers in particle and nuclear physics. It is a very well-established program, with over 50 centers in many parts of the country. For several years, we have been hosting at Rice a yearly 1-week summer workshop for about 10-15 high school teachers.

The agendas of some of the past workshops are listed below:

Additionally, we organize QuarkNet Master Classes for up to twenty high school students.


QuarkNet program official website

Activities in QuarkNet Houston Center (blog):
  • Houston Area Mailing List
  • LHC MasterClasses: Measuring W, Z, and Higgs bosons with CMS)
  • Cosmic Ray Lab: we have several cosmic ray detectors distributed across Houston high schools!
  • Old UH/Rice webpage (not maintained)


    Houston Area Program Coordinator:
    - Prof. Frank Geurts
    Lead Teacher:
    - Mary Yarbray (Klein College)
    QuarkNet Fellow:
    - Shane Wood
    Faculty Sponsors:
    - Rice Univ.: Prof. Frank Geurts
    - UH : Prof. Larry Pinsky